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For Residents of Randwick Physiotherapy Helps with Physical Pain

Physiotherapy is an attractive solution to chronic pain for many individuals who have suffered physical trauma or are struggling with muscle-based pain like carpal tunnel. Many patients who are hospitalised are pressured by some caretakers to rely on pain pills as a means to deal with muscle pain. It's always advisable to seek other methods of pain management as opposed to using painkillers because of their highly addictive nature. Some very common issues lead people to seek physio which includes back pain, bad knees, and even post-pregnancy pelvic floor disorders. As Randwick’s physio resource, we’re going to look at some of the common conditions that lead people to seek physio and the benefits that can be achieved by following a therapy regimen.

Physio in Randwick has become an attractive alternative to pain pills and surgeries

Bad knees are one of the most common complaints that we receive. Recently the University of Western Ontario published a study that proved physiotherapy combined with medication was just as effective as surgery in treating arthritis in the knees. Many arthritic joints are aided by stretching and strength training. For most people with bad knees, though, physiotherapists can help dramatically reduce or completely remove the pain by identifying what’s causing the pain such as muscle tightness around the knee and in the calf. These conditions are diagnosed with a bio-mechanical assessment looking at a variety of issues including muscle tightness, muscle strength, and joint weakness. If anything is immediately recognisable, then we will move forward with a prescription for certain kinds of training that will help facilitate the patient's recovery. Sometimes we need to use tools to support the knee just to apply the appropriate amount of supporting pressure. The most common reasons to get a leg support is if the patient has weak muscle tone or they have an uneven gait.

Coogee Bay physio offers Randwick physiotherapy options for a myriad of conditions

A growing area of physiotherapy practice uses common physio techniques to combat pelvic floor ailments. These disorders could occur when pelvic muscles are required to tense, contract, or spasm after pregnancy, childbirth, or abdominal surgery. Pelvic floor muscles are involved in sexual function as well as healthy bladder and bowel function. The pelvic floor muscles also support the spine and abdominal organs. Typically, pelvic floor disorders are noticed when women attempt to use the restroom or have intercourse. Pelvic floor disorders often don’t show up on MRI’s and X-rays. Often there are different techniques used by physiotherapists to find and identify this type of pain. After the pain is discovered, physiotherapists will often prescribe a training regimen that revolves around some core exercises like Pilates and strength training.

We at Coogee Bay Physio specialise in patient care and physiotherapy for a wide variety of issues. If you’re suffering from muscle pain or have recently recovered from physical trauma, reach out to us so we can help you get moving comfortably again. When you need physio in Randwick, give us a call.

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