Our mission is to help you feel better, get better and stay better.

We’ve heard too many stories about kick-back-based recommendations and fear being used as a device for retaining patients for extra income. We are dedicated to reducing this stigma and aim to see our patients less and less knowing that this means they are seeing the benefits and gains of our advice.


We understand the difficulty of being a ‘consumer’ in our modern day healthcare system.

Our goal at Coogee Bay Physio is to provide the highest quality Physiotherapy and Massage services to our community. We aim to do so in a manner that encourages our clients to participate in their treatment and care and ultimately take responsibility for their well being during and after treatment.

We have seen the value in the providing our patients with a curated collection of information that makes sense while reflecting the most recent scientific literature concerning physiotherapy, health, fitness, pain, injury and rehabilitation.

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