Maroubra Physiotherapy

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Many people in Maroubra are needlessly suffering from chronic pain. They may have decided that it is something that they just need to live with or they just cannot face the pain and extended period of incapacitation from surgery.

There is an alternative that may provide them with relief from that debilitating pain and allow them to get back to the activities and quality of life they previously enjoyed. That alternative is to call Coogee Bay Physio near Maroubra for physiotherapy.

What is Physiotherapy?

If you live near Maroubra, physiotherapy or “physio” for short, involves a variety of non-invasive techniques to address the sources of your pain utilising a variety of techniques. One of the methods we employ near Maroubra is joint mobilisation. Joint mobilisation involves safely manually manipulating the joint to overcome the body’s natural tendency to protect the injured or painful joint in question. Our staff that provides Maroubra physio will evaluate whether this technique will be helpful in your particular situation.

Another technique of physio near Maroubra is joint (thrust) manipulation. This physio technique is where a therapist applies a short, quick thrust to a joint, often a spinal joint. The goal of this physio technique is to move the joint in a specific direction physically. The purpose of this manipulation is to cause a more positive alignment or sensory input that will provide relief of the painful or uncomfortable symptoms.

There are a variety of other physiotherapy techniques that we may employ in Maroubra. We may apply graded strength & conditioning or activity modification. Many patients in our Maroubra physio office have already self-imposed activity modification by merely avoiding activities that they feel they cannot perform without pain or discomfort. There may be a better way. Rather than just avoiding those activities, there may be a different way to engage in the movements necessary to perform that activity that does not cause the pain or discomfort. Our staff members providing physio near Maroubra may be able to suggest ways to do those activities by bending or lifting differently, performing certain stretches or warm-ups before doing those activities, or maybe even a particular type of remedial massage or treatment before or after those activities.

Other techniques we utilise in Maroubra physio are trigger point therapy, eccentric & isometric loading, sports massage and core strengthening. A note about core strengthening. There are a variety of physiotherapy theories that the key to alleviating lower back pain is core strengthening. Our Maroubra physio practitioners believe that core strengthening is an important element to relieve lower back pain, especially for individual athletes. However, it is not the "be all and end all" of lower back pain. Your physio provider near Maroubra can advise you which techniques, including core strengthening, will provide you with the most positive outcome.

If You Live Near Maroubra, Physiotherapy is Right Around the Corner

Coogee Bay Physio is right in the Maroubra area. Our office is minutes away, and you do not need a referral from your primary medical caregiver to make an appointment to see us.