Physiotherapist Eastern Suburbs

Don’t Live with Constant Pain. Visit an Eastern Suburbs Physio for Essential Relief

Are you living with a nagging pain somewhere in your body? You’re not alone. Many people have aches and pains they don’t feel is bad enough to seek medical help from a physio or doctor. The pain they endure can not only leave them sore during the day, but it can also affect their mood as well. People with constant pain can tend to be irate, miserable, and sometimes even suffer from depression.

Living with constant pain shouldn’t be the norm, however. There are ways to deal with it, which can be a lot less hassle than you might think. Imagine being able to climb the stairs again without feeling that dull pain in your lower back, or being able to look left and right to cross the street without that nagging sharp pain in your neck? This freedom from pain is all possible if you visit a good physio in the Eastern Suburbs area.

The Consequences of Leaving Pain Alone

Certain injuries, such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain, won’t go away on its own. Eventually, it might get somewhat better and easier to endure, but these are the joints that you use every day and for virtually every activity. By continuing to avoid seeing a professional, you could always be inflaming the issue, making it worse.

When you choose an Eastern Suburbs Physiotherapy session, however, you will be assessed to find out exactly what pain you’re suffering from, and the best way to treat it. Coogee Bay Physio have some of the best physiotherapists in the area, if not the country, and can quickly find the cause of your pain and assist in soothing the symptoms, sometimes almost immediately.

How an Eastern Suburbs Physio can Treat Pain in your Joints

For anyone who is suffering from ongoing pain, one of our physiotherapists can use a process called joint mobilisation to administer relief. Joint mobilisation is a manual therapy that aims to create a therapeutic effect by targeting the problem area specifically. It’s very beneficial and efficient and leaves the patient feeling a lot better after only one session. To gain a complete recovery, you might need a few more sessions of course, but even after the first one you'll have a lot more freedom of motion, and perhaps you'll not wince every time you move.

Another method is the joint thrust manipulation, that (as the name implies) directs a quick thrust to the problem area. This action has the intention of increasing your range of motion and helping you to move easier. It’s not a painful procedure, and we make every effort to make you comfortable before, during and after any physiotherapy treatment at our clinic.

If you’re seeking an Eastern Suburbs physio who can help you with various aches and pains, and one who can offer you a wide variety of treatments, speak with us at Coogee Bay Physio. Book today using our convenient online booking service.