Bronte Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapy Practitioners Near Bronte Can Help You Deal With Your Pain

There are many reasons why residents of Bronte might be dealing with chronic pain. Maybe they have a history of sporting injuries. It could be that they work in a factory and lift heavy items eight hours a day, five days a week. They may have had trauma to their body such as a slip and fall accident or been in a car crash. It is also possible that they have a degenerative condition that is not tied to any particular event but rather is just a deterioration or abnormality in their body structure.

Whatever the cause, there are a variety of ways to deal with pain and discomfort. One way is to simply try to avoid all those activities that cause or exacerbate the pain. No lawn mowing, no long car rides to visit family and friends, no trips to the park or beach with the kids or grand-kids. In other words, no fun. You just sit on your couch in Bronte and miss out on life. You wonder why you feel so lethargic and are putting on so much weight.

Another way you may deal with the situation is to go to your regular doctor and have him or her evaluate the situation. After a variety of tests that are likely to be expensive and/or uncomfortable, you are likely to have some answers as to what is causing the pain or discomfort. The treatment regimen recommended may run from some risky surgery with an extended absence from work or family for rehabilitation, to a series of pain medications or muscle relaxers. We all have heard the horror stories of the worldwide addiction issues with pharmaceutical pain medications.

Why You Should Contact Our Bronte Physiotherapy Office

There is another way. You can contact Coogee Bay Physio and schedule an appointment to explore Bronte physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is also commonly referred to as physio and involves a variety of techniques aimed to provide the positive outcome of the relief of pain. At our Bronte physio office, we will first evaluate the nature and potential causes of your pain. We have a variety of practitioners of physio in Bronte, and each provides different elements of care to provide you with the best results possible.

Why Physio is Different

One of the techniques that may provide you with some relief near Bronte is joint mobilisation, which involves safely manually manipulating the joint to overcome the body’s natural tendency to protect the injured or painful joint in question

Another technique of physio near Bronte is joint (thrust) manipulation. In this technique of physio, a therapist applies a short, quick thrust to a joint, often a spinal joint. The goal of this physio technique is to move the joint in a certain direction physically. Other physiotherapy techniques that we may employ in Bronte are graded strength & conditioning or activity modification. Many patients in our Bronte physio office are already avoiding activities that they feel they cannot perform without pain or discomfort and are now spending most of their time on the couch or in bed.

Rather than merely avoiding those activities, there may be a different way to engage the activity that won't cause pain or discomfort. Our staff members providing physio near Bronte may be able to suggest new ways of performing those activities to increase your quality of life and get back to doing the things you love. Our Bronte physio providers may also implement trigger point therapy, eccentric & isometric loading, sports massage and core strengthening.

These techniques are all aimed at providing you with relief of pain and getting you back into the game without surgery or addictive medications. Get back into the game of life!

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