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Looking for a Dietitian in the Eastern Sydney Suburbs? Call Coogee Bay Physio

There are many reasons why you may be looking for a dietitian in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. You may be suffering from a disease or medical condition which can be exacerbated or reasonably controlled by your diet.

If You Have Recently Been Diagnosed with Diabetes, Our Dietitian Can Help

You may have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, your regular doctor or endocrinologist may have begun treatment with oral medications and ran through a diatribe that included the phrases simple sugars, carbohydrates and dietary fibre multiple times, but you understood very little of it. All you kept focusing on was that you could no longer eat ice cream sundaes with chocolate sauce.

You left the doctor’s office with complicated instructions that you didn’t really understand. You say to yourself “Why can’t I eat white bread, pasta and rice? There’s no sugar in them.” You just don’t get it. You read some articles on the internet and maybe buy some books on diabetes. You start to understand the basics, but when you go to the grocery store or worse yet, a restaurant, you become paralysed because you don’t understand the complicated nutritional labels and you certainly can’t figure out what you should eat in the restaurant, you only know a few things you shouldn’t eat.

A Sydney Eastern Suburbs Dietitian Can Help

This is where our Sydney eastern suburbs dietitian from Coogee Bay Physio can help. Our dietitian can start by explaining what elements in various foods cause blood sugar to rise. They can explain the different numbers on a nutritional label and what entries to look out for. Our Sydney eastern suburbs dietitian can give you general classes of foods to avoid and help you understand why wheat or multigrain bread is better for your diabetes than white bread. The dietitian will also explain why the carbohydrate entry is so important on those labels.

A dietitian will also put together recommended elements of meals and snacks to help you get through the day. Once you understand why those meals and snacks work, you can then make substitutions to vary your diet, without sending your blood sugar into orbit. The dietitian will discuss your eating habits and can suggest meals you can order in a restaurant, so you can enjoy your food while keeping your diabetes in check.

Our Sydney eastern suburbs dietitian will also discuss with you the effects of caffeine and alcohol on blood sugar. Caffeine and alcohol can often be consumed in moderation. However, they often have different effects on the blood sugar of different people. The dietitian will likely have you keep a diary of your food intake for a period and overlay your blood sugar readings to determine what foods may work best for your situation.

If you have any particular issues such as having to eat quickly on the road or at odd times based upon your job, a dietitian can give you some suggestions as to how to deal with those issues such as packing your own food or transportable healthy snacks that won’t melt in the car on a hot day.

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