We offer packaged treatment sessions to reduce per session cost for patients who will require multiple appointment to achieve their rehabilitative goals





“3-2-1 & Done!”

You might not be concerned that you’ve got a serious problem, but you’d like to get it checked out just to be sure. Perhaps you felt your hamstring pull a bit on a recent jog. Or perhaps your back is unusually tight after spending time in the garden last weekend. You’d be happy to be assured that your problem isn’t serious, receive targeted, effective treatment and get on with life.

You’re well suited to our “3-2-1 & Done!” treatment package:

  • $259

  • Three (3) treatment sessions

  • Four (4) week expiry



Your problem mightn’t be a serious one but you’re racing the clock and need to get it sorted asap. Perhaps you’re presenting at an important conference and can’t afford to appear or feel injured? Perhaps you’re desperate to play in your team’s upcoming grand final? Or perhaps you’ve got a holiday planned in a few weeks and you want to get your problem sorted so that you can enjoy your break?

You’re well suited to our “Accelerate” treatment package:

  • $649

  • Eight (8) treatment sessions

  • Twelve (12) week expiry

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You’re not concerned about your problem and you feel confident that given enough time and adjustments to your physical activities, your problem will probably resolve with minimal intervention. However, you want to get back on track asap. And you don’t want to take any short cuts that might increase the risk of a future recurrence. To you, it’s worth getting on top of this problem properly, now, rather than allowing it to linger or develop into something more serious in the future.

You’re well suited to our “Prevention B4 Cure ” treatment package:

  • $649

  • Eight (8) treatment sessions

  • Twelve (12) week expiry



Perhaps you’re pulling long hours in the office. Or you’re flat out raising young kids and running a household. You put up with niggles, aches and pains. Mostly, you can ignore them… or perhaps they’ve just become “normal” for you. Once or twice per year, things flare up in an acute episode after which time your symptoms settle back to their usual “normal” level of nuisance. You’d love to feel better but the trouble is, you’ve got very limited time to devote to self care.

You are well suited to our “Pit-Stop” treatment package:

  • $1499

  • Twenty (20) treatment sessions

  • Twelve (12) month expiry.



You’ve been putting up with your problem for months or even years. It hasn’t gotten better and you’ve decided enough is enough. You may be uncertain of the exact cause of your problem or its potential to fully recover. Either way, you’ve decided that it’s time to prioritise your health over other demands on your time. You’re motivated to commit to a comprehensive plan with a clear structure and meaningful goals.

You well suited for our “It’s Time” treatment package:

  • $1499

  • Twenty (20) treatment sessions

  • Six (6) month expiry.



If you’ve had (or are planning) orthopaedic surgery, you’ll need a comprehensive treatment program tailored to your rehabilitative and lifestyle needs. The length of your rehabilitation program will depend on the type of surgery you require. You may require only a few weeks of treatment to recover from a minor arthroscopic procedure. On the other hand, procedures such as total knee or hip replacements, ACL reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs or major spinal surgeries can require up to 9 months of treatment.

We can tailor your rehabilitation program to best suit your specific needs while capping your cost per session at $75.